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Can anybody tell me that whats are the top 5 best question adn answer wordpress theme 2016 ?

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Asked on 3rd September 2016 in Computer & Internet.
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There are many Q&A wordpress theme but top 5 are (based on various search results)

1. QAEngine – Question And Answer WordPress Theme

QA Engine – Enginethemes  Question And Answer WordPress Themes Like Quora
QA Engine – Enginethemes Question And Answer WordPress Themes Like Quora

This is a very powerful theme with clean and modern design to create a site like Quora in WordPress. QAEngine is created by enginethemes. QAEngine – Question and Answer WordPress Theme not only helps you create a Q&A website but also inspires your community to share their knowledge.

This is fully responsive and mobile friendly WordPress question and answer theme. Users can freely ask questions & receive best answers from experts. QAEngine makes is very simple and easy to quickly ask questions and submit answers.

Users can also filter to see questions in a specific category or tag, and choose the most valuable answers to them by looking at votes and the “best answer” mark.



2. Ask Me – Responsive Questions & Answers WordPress Theme

Ask me - Responsive Questions and Answers Theme light
Ask me – Responsive Questions and Answers Theme light

Ask me is the questions and answers premium WordPress theme with elegant design. It comes with different features. Ask me has a profile pages for the user, question pages and answers pages.

With PayToAsk feature, user can pay via Paypal to ask questions. Ask Me theme has a lot of pages with great design. A Login page is very simple, with two fields for username and password. To create an account user can click Create an Account button and a pop-up window will appear, user can enter their details to create an account.



3. AskBug – Question & Answer Theme

AskBug – Question and answer WordPress theme
AskBug – Question and answer WordPress theme

Community question and answer theme for WordPress based on AnsPress plugin.

With this theme, you can have a professional question and answer website like Quora, Yahoo Answers, StackOverflow in minutes.

AskBug is clean, crisp, and very user-friendly WordPress theme to create a site like Quora. Take your AnsPress site up a notch from being just a site with a plugin, to a full-featured Q&A website packed with all the features you’ve come to know and love from AnsPress, but now with elegant, clean styling.

It is a completely responsive and mobile friendly WordPress Question and Answer theme using all the latest coding standards and technologies. AskBug is a fully customizable WordPress theme.



4. Robust Q&A : Questions & Answers WordPress Theme

This is another powerful premium WordPress theme, which helps you to make your niche questions and answer site with the power of WordPress 4.4.2.

This Robust WordPress Questions and Answers theme with a large feature set to suit your needs and takes the Questions and Answer concept to the next level. Custom Translations for people looking to use other Languages.

Robust Q&A has a fully Responsive layout to fit with the device your site is being viewed on. Allows for a great user experience no matter what!. It means your readers/visitors will be able to use your Question and Answer site on mobile devices as well.

Robust Q&A does not require extra plugins and supports Widgets, Menus, Custom Backgrounds, Settings and more.



5. Instant Q&A: WordPress Theme

This is an up to date Premium WordPress Question and Answer theme to create a site like Quora and StackOverflow. Instant Q&A supports the latest version of WordPress.

Looking for a questions and answers theme? This is the template you have been searching for. Instant Q&A is a custom WordPress template that can turn any WordPress blog into a robust question and answer site.


  • Custom User Log In & sign Up with user generated password and forgot Password option with the ability for member to change their password
  • Member Profile and My Account Page with Edit Profile Page with Custom About Me text
  • Tags for questions and tag archive pages.
  • 6 Custom User Avatars to choose from with Gravatar Integration
  • Custom Ask a Question Form for Posting Questions and Unique Answer pages for Answering Questions
  • Popular Questions Section – Top Answered Questions in the Last 30 Days
  • Star Rating System – Members Earn points for Asking and Answering Questions
Answered on 7th September 2016.
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