Which Are the Top 10 Oldest University in the world ?

I want to know about top 10 oldest university in the world. So if anybody has the answer please tell me about these universities because it would be very helpful to me

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1. University of Bologna – 1088 – Bologna, Italy


The first university in the sense of a higher-learning, degree-awarding institute, the word university (Latin: universitas) having been coined at its foundation. It received, in 1158, from the Emperor Frederick I Barbarossa the “Authentica habita” which settled rules, rights and privileges of Universities.


2. University of Oxford – 1167 – Oxford, England


The University of Oxford has no known foundation date, and despite claims that it was founded in 825, the only evidence seen points to teaching at Oxford as far back as 1096. Oxford truly blossomed in 1167 when English students returned home from the University of Paris, study there having been banned by King Henry II. Today Oxford is home to over 20,000 students and lauded as one of the greatest universities in the world.


3. University of Cambridge – 1209 – Cambridge, England


Founded by scholars leaving Oxford after a dispute caused by the execution of two scholars in 1209, and royal charter was granted in 1231.[14] The university takes 1209 as its official anniversary.[15] Through one of Cambridge’s alumni, John Harvard, it inspired the establishment of Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States with the first college in the United States, Harvard University.


4. University of Salamanca – 1218 – Salamanca, Spain


The university was founded in 1218 by King Alphonso IX of Leon. It was given the formal title of “university” by King Alphonso X in 1254, which was later confirmed by the Papal Bull of Alexander IV in 1255. While having only 500 students at the end of the 14th century, today the University of Salamanca is known for its study of the humanities and is home to over 28,000 students and 2,400 members of staff.


5. University of Padua – 1222 – Padua, Italy


The university was founded by scholars and professors after leaving Bologna.By 1399 the university had developed two distinct institutions, the Universitas Iuristarum for civil law and Canon law, and the Universitas Artistarum which taught astronomy, dialectic, philosophy, grammar, medicine, and rhetoric. Today, the university over 38,000 undergraduates, 20,000 postgraduates, and more than 2,200 members of staff.

6. University of Naples Federico II – 1224 – Naples, Italy


The first public university,founded by Frederick II, emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. The university moved to Salerno in 1253, and its return to Naples in 1258 is sometimes considered as a refoundation.The King’s objective in establishing the university was to end the reign of the universities of Northern Italy, specifically Padua, which was too independent, and Bologna, which was under the influence of the Pope. In 1987 the university added Federico II to its name in honor of its founder. As of 2010, the University of Naples Federico II had 96,867 students and over 4,000 staff members.


7. University of Siena – 1240 – Siena, Italy


Originally called Studium Senese, was founded by Commune of Siena in 1240. In 1321, the studium was able to attract a larger number of pupils due to a mass exodus from the prestigious University of Bologna. Closed temporarily in 1808–1815 when Napoleonic forces occupied Tuscany. On November 7, 2015 the university celebrates its 775th anniversary.

8. University of Valladolid – 1241 – Valladolid, Spain


One hypothesis is that its foundation is the result of the transfer of Palencia General Survey between 1208 and 1241 by Alfonso VIII, king of Castile, and Bishop Tello Téllez de Meneses.Today, the university has over 31,000 students and more than 2,000 teachers.



9. University of Macerata – 1290 – Macerata, Italy


The University of Macerata (Italian: Università degli Studi di Macerata) is a university located in Macerata, Marche, Italy. It was founded in 1290 and is organized into 7 faculties.There has been some debate over the founding of the University of Macerata. Some believe it was founded by Pope Nicholas IV in 1290, while others maintain that it was not founded until 1540 by Pope Paul III Farnese. Evidence supports the university beginning as a Law School in 1290, before becoming a Studium Generale by order of Papal Bull in 1540. Today, the university flourishes with over 11,000 students, and vast international relations in countries such as Australia, Brasil, China, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, USA, Canada and Turkey.



10. University of Coimbra – 1290 – Coimbra, Portugal


Begun its existence in Lisbon with the name Studium Generale (Estudo Geral). Scientiae thesaurus mirabilis, the royal charter announcing the institution of the University, was dated 1 March of that year, although efforts had been made at least since 1288 to create this first university in Portugal. The papal confirmation was also given in 1290 (on 9 August of that year), during the papacy of Pope Nicholas IV.

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